8 Relay 8 Analog USB IO Controller 12 V

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The KTA-225 is a USB or RS485 controlled IO module for interfacing PCs to real world applications, such as controlling lights and sprinkler systems, reading sensors and monitoring switches or analog signals.

The Relays are capable of switching up to 5A at 250VAC, 10A at 120VAC and 10A at 24VDC but the PCB tracks will only handle up to about 5A. A simple ASCII protocol allows control from Windows/Mac/Linux using either USB Virtual COM drivers or RS485. Additionally, multiple devices can be connected to one RS485 bus, allowing control of many devices from one USB port.

The KTA-225 has 12 V relays and requires a 9 to 15 V DC supply.

This controller is based on the hardware of the KTA-223 controller, but the number of analog inputs has been increased at the cost of the digital inputs. It can be programmed as a stand-alone controller using the free, open source Arduino environment. Internally, the controller is “shield compatible”, allowing the use of many extension boards designed for the Arduino Deumilanove. As shipped the controller is loaded with a sketch or program that receives simple commands over the USB or RS485 serial port and switches relays or responds with the status of the analog inputs.

Multiple controllers can be connected to one or more PCs in an RS485 network. Each controller can be assigned an address and will respond to commands addressed to them.

  • 8 Relay Outputs 5A 250VAC
  • 8 Analog Inputs (10 bit)
  • Connections via Pluggable Screw Terminals
  • 0-5V 0-3.3V or 0-20mA Analog Inputs, Jumper Selectable
  • 5A Relay Switching
  • Power Indicator LED
  • All enclosed in Professional looking plastic case
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Accepts Arduino Shields (Ethernet / XBee)
  • USB Virtual Serial Port or RS485 Input
  • Easily connect multiple units far apart by RS485
An example program has been written and VB express 2010 to show you how to interface with the KTA-225 using a PC.

Web Interface Sketch
  • Using the WebUi sketch and an Ethernet shield allows you to control the Relays and read the Analog Inputs from a web browser


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