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SparkFun Cerberus USB Kabel - 1.80m

2,95 EUR
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You've got the wrong USB cable. It doesn't matter which one you have, it's the wrong one. But what if you could have the right one? What if you could have the right one every time? Enter: The Cerberus.

The Cerberus is a three-headed cable-beast that will ensure that you're never stuck looking for a USB cable that fits your device. At one end of the Cerberus you have the standard A-type connector, which you can plug into your computer or USB power supply; At the other end are three common USB connectors: B, mini-B and micro-B.

The Cerberus can transfer both power and data just like any USB cable, but it's not a hub so don't try to connect three data devices at the same time!

If you're still trying to wrap your head around the world of USB cables, why not check out our USB Buying Guide?

Note: This idea originally came from our friend and favorite button maker in the Oakland area, CTP. If you see him, please give him a high-five for us.

Note: The only compatibility problem that we've found with these cables is with Android devices. You can charge an Android device using the Cerberus but it won't identify to the computer unless you're running Linux.

Dimensions: 6' Long

  • Single USB-A Connector at Host End
  • USB-B, mini-B and micro-B Connectors at Device End

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