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  • Adafruit Gemma Sequin Starter Pack


Adafruit Gemma Sequin Starter Pack

Hersteller: Adafruit | Mehr von Adafruit
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This GEMMA parts pack makes it easy to add light to your wearables. It comes with thread, needles, a battery holder, a GEMMA sewable microcontroller, and warm white Adafruit LED Sequins. This pack is perfect for adding a little sparkle to any garment or accessory, and is a great way to get started sewing electronics.

The GEMMA Sequin Pack includes:
  • Needle set - 3/9 sizes - 20 needles
  • Stainless Thin Conductive Thread - 2 ply - 23 meter/76 ft
  • Coin Cell Battery Holder - 6V output with On/Off switch
  • Adafruit GEMMA V2 - Miniature wearable electronic platform
  • Adafruit LED Sequins - Warm White - Pack of 5