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EMG49 - GearMotor with Encoder

EMG49 - GearMotor with Encoder

Robot Electronics Artikelnummer: EXP-R11-023
Hersteller: Robot Electronics
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: EMG49

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» More Informations about EMG49 - GearMotor with Encoder
The EGM49 is a 24v motor fully equipped with encoders and a 49:1 reduction gearbox. It is ideal for medium size robotic applications, providing cost effective drive and feedback for the user.

  • Rated voltage 24v 
  • Rated torque 16kg/cm 
  • Rated speed 122rpm 
  • Rated current 2100mA 
  • No load speed 143 
  • No load current 500mA 
  • Stall current 13A 
  • Rated output 37.4W 
  • Encoder counts per drive shaft turn 980


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