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MD49 - 24V 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

MD49 - 24V 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

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Hersteller-Artikelnummer: MD49

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» More Informations about MD49 - 24V 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

Designed to work with our EMG49 gear motors, the MD49 will drive two motors.
Controllled by Serial Interface at 9600 or 38400 baud. 
Two modes of operation, direct individual control of the motors or the ability to send a speed and a turn commands. 

  • Voltage - 24v only. 
  • Current - Up to 5A for each motor. 
  • Encoder - Processes quadrature encoder inputs of 980 counts per wheel turn from the EMG49 motor. 
  • Size - 109mm x 66mm 
  • Features Under & Over votage protection, motor short circuit protection.



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