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  • SparkFun NCP1402-3.3V Step-Up Breakout PRT-10967


SparkFun NCP1402-3.3V Step-Up Breakout PRT-10967

Hersteller: Sparkfun | Mehr von Sparkfun
Artikelnummer: EXP-R05-125
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: PRT-10967

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The NCP1402 is a 3.3V DC-DC converter. The breakout board will accept voltage inputs between 1 and 3 Volts (such as 1 or 2 AA batteries) and output a constant, low ripple 3.3V output capable of sourcing up to 200 mA. This board is great for supplying power to 3.3V sensors or providing 3.3V from a a single AA battery.

The breakout board includes the necessary peripheral components. The input, output and ground pins are broken out on a 0.1" grid to allow easy access on a breadboard.