Waveshare JETANK AI Kit, AI Tracked Mobile Robot AI Vision

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  • Waveshare
  • EXP-R63-326
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This is an intelligent crawler robot specially designed for the NVIDIA JetBot AI project, based... mehr
This is an intelligent crawler robot specially designed for the NVIDIA JetBot AI project, based on the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. The expansion board integrates OLED, motor drive circuit, servo drive circuit, power supply circuit, battery protection circuit, etc., which saves you the trouble of welding the circuit, supports unloading charging and does not need to repeatedly remove the battery. The software is fully compatible with the NVIDIA JetBot AI project and supports intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous line patrol, motion detection, color recognition tracking, and other functions. The robot is also equipped with a four-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm, which is controlled by a three-dimensional coordinate system and can be flexibly controlled by a wireless gamepad.

Package Content:

  • The 18650 batteries are NOT included
  • Please note that the battery length SHOULD be less than 67mm, some batteries with protection plate in the market are NOT supported, learn more


  • Waveshare Jetson Nano Dev Kit, including: Jetson Nano carrier board, Jetson Nano module with 16GB eMMC, NVIDIA official heatsinkAluminum alloy kit x1
  • JETANK expansion board x1
  • Wireless-AC8265 with antenna x1
  • IMX219-160 Camera x1
  • Acrylic camera spacer x1
  • Camera FFC x1
  • 0.91inch OLED x1
  • 12.6V 2A power supply + additional EU head x1
  • Robotic arm gripper x1
  • Thrust bearing x1
  • Flange bearing x2
  • Coupler x2
  • Gearmotor x2
  • 5264 servo wire x1
  • Track kit (including bolt, nut, and screwdriver) x2
  • 2*5Pin wire x1
  • Spanner x1
  • L-form hex socket spanner 2PCS x1
  • SCS15-AP servo x4
  • Screwdriver 2PCS x1
  • SCS15-S servo x1
  • Card reader x1
  • Mini cross wrench sleeve x2
  • Cooling fan x1
  • PH2.0 4PIN dual connector cable x1
  • Screws pack x1
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