ScanaQuad SQ200 Logic Analyzer

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  • EXP-R29-010
  • SQ200
  • FR
  • 90308900
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ScanaQuad (SQ) is a series of high performance 4 channels logic analyzers and digital pattern... more

ScanaQuad (SQ) is a series of high performance 4 channels logic analyzers and digital pattern generators. They are designed to be your best companion when working on serial protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, USB, I2S, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, and more. With ScanaQuad Logic Analyzers, you can capture signals, you can play them back, and you can even build genuine test signals and generate them!

Being able to capture and generate logic patterns simultaneously with the same tool, is extremely useful when debugging Logic signals, and it only comes with ScanaQuad.


  • Input Characteristics
    • Input resistance(Fixed): 1MO
    • Input resistance(optionnal): 10KO
    • Input Capacitance(Max.) 4pF
    • Input voltage range(continuous): ±15V
    • Input voltage range(10ms pulse): ±50V
    • Pull-Up resistance(optionnal): 10KO
    • Low Level input voltage (VIL MAX): Adjustable
    • High Level input voltage (VIL MIN): Adjustable
    • Adjustable threshold range: 0V to 4.5V
    • Threshold hysteresis: 350mV
  • Output Characteristics
    • Output resistance: 270O
    • Output current(Max.): 20mA
    • Output High Level voltage (VOH): Vdjustable
    • Adjustable output voltage range: (VOH): 1.65V to 5.5V
    • Puh-Pull Driver: Available
    • Open Drain Driver: Available
  • Timing Characteristics
    • Sampling Frequency(Max.): 200MHz
    • Sampling resolution(Max.): ±5ns
    • Input bandwidth (Max.): 50MHz
    • Output frequency (Max.): 50MHz
    • Sampling Frequency(Min.): 10KHz
    • Embedded memory: 16MB
    • Sampling Depth(Points/channel): 4M
    • Sampling Period(Max. at FS = 1MHz): 4s
    • Sampling Period(Max. at FS = 25MHz): 160ms
    • Sampling Period Example (Max. number of 115200 BAUD UART words at FS = 1MHz): 40K Words
  • Power Characteristics
    • Power source: USB
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Weight (± 10g): 80g
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