Foca Max 5V2A USB To TTL Serial Converter Board

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  • Nextion
  • EXP-R03-182
  • IM190620001
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Foca Max is a USB to TTL serial converter board with maximum 5.5V2A output. For USB to TTL... more

Foca Max is a USB to TTL serial converter board with maximum 5.5V2A output. For USB to TTL conversion, the Foca Max can be power supplied by USB only or USB together with external DC 8-26V, The USB and external DC power supplies are isolated by using a diode (SS34) to avoid the current backflowed between them.

Note: as for the Nextion HMI display size less than 4.3'', you can only use the USB for power supply, size large than 4.3'', a external DC 8-26V for power supply is recommended.


  • SILABS CP2102 chip, maximum baud rate of 2Mbps
  • High-power and energy-efficient DC-DC converter chip TPS54331 with 8-26V wide voltage input and 5V2A output
  • Solid capacitors, high Q inductors components
  • LED indicators for input/output power and TX/RX communication
  • Small voltage ripple within 100mA
  • Plug and Use, no firmware programming required


  • Model name: Foca Max
  • USB Voltage input: 5-5.5V
  • USB type: USB 2.0
  • DC Input: DC 8-26V
  • DC Power Socket: DC-005 (5.5*2.1mm)
  • Voltage output: 5-5.5V
  • Current output: 2A(maximum)
  • Voltage ripple: <100mV
  • Working temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
  • PCB size: 50mm*50mm*1.6mm
  • Max baud rate: 2Mbps
  • TTL level: 3.3V

Package Includes:

  • Foca Max*1
  • USB wire*1
  • XH2.54 4P wire*1
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