pH3000 Research-Grade pH Sensor (Refillable)

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  • Sensorex
  • EXP-R37-026
  • pH3000
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  • 90318080
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When accuracy and repeatability are critical, such as in pharmaceutical or drinking water... more

When accuracy and repeatability are critical, such as in pharmaceutical or drinking water applications, the ideal pH electrode will quickly deliver stable measurements. The pH3000 is a research grade pH meter replacement probe specially designed to respond quickly and accurately to rapid temperature changes. The high sensitivity internals also make these electrodes the best choice for low ionic samples.  The double junction reference design prevents contamination, allowing pH testing in samples containing heavy metals, proteins and enzymes, or TRIS buffer.


  • Sensorex's most sensitive laboratory electrode: accurate to 0.04 pH in tests across full recommended temperature range
  • Easily maximize measurement repeatability: Rapid renew reference system for quick refilling
  • Extensive chemical compatibility: Constructed with durable Ultem®, proven in a range of chemical conditions
  • Ideal for difficult sample types: Double junction reference protection for testing samples containing heavy metals, TRIS buffer, and other contaminants
  • Virtually unbreakable: removable bulb guard protects pH glass and strain relief prevents damage to cable connection
  • Ready for wet or corrosive environments: BNC boot protects meter connection
  • Compatible with various meters: Versatile replacement probe works with any meter accepting a BNC pH probe
  • Recommended for Low ionic samples, medical and pharmaceutical research, biological samples, samples containing heavy metals


  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 150mm
  • Reference: Refillable
  • Junction Number: Double (2)
  • Junction Material: Ground Epoxy and pHASE
  • Reference Solution: 3.5 M KCl (liquid)
  • Glass Shape: Bulb
  • Body Material: Ultem
  • Temperature Range: 0-100° C
  • Strain Relief: Yes
  • BNC Boot: Yes
  • Bulb Protection: Removable Guard