Ra-01S (800-Reel)

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Anxinke LoRa series modules (Ra-01S) are designed and developed by AnxinkeTechnology. This module... more
Anxinke LoRa series modules (Ra-01S) are designed and developed by AnxinkeTechnology. This module is used for ultra-long-distance spread-spectrum communication. Its radio chip SX1268 mainly uses LoRa remote modem for ultra-long-distance spread-spectrum communication. It has strong anti-interferenceand can minimize current consumption. With SEMTECH's LoRa patented modulation technology, SX1268 has a high sensitivity of over -148dBm, a power output, of +22dBm, a long transmission distance and high reliability. At the same time, compared to traditional modulation technology, LoRa modulation technology also has obvious advantages in anti-blocking and selection, which solves the problem of distance, anti-interference and power consumption that traditional design solutions cannot simultaneously take into account. Application areas are used in automatic meter reading, home building automation, security systems, and remote irrigation systems. 


  • LoRa modem
  • Support FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa and OOK modulation methods
  • Support frequency band 410MHz ~ 525MHz
  • Working voltage is 3.3V, maximum output is +22dBm, maximum working current is 140mA
  • Low power consumption characteristics in receiving state, the minimum receiving current is 4.5 mA, standby current is 1.6mA
  • High sensitivity: as low as -140dBm
  • Small volume dual row stamp hole patch package
  • The module adopts SPI interface, half-duplex communication, with CRC, up to 256-byte packet engine


  • Model: Ra-01S
  • Package: SMD16
  • Size: 17*16*3.2(±0.2)mm
  • Antenna: Compatible with half-hole pads/through-hole pads (need to solder the antenna)/IPEX socket
  • Spectrum Range: 410MHz~525MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Storage Environment: -40°C ~ 125°C, < 90%RH
  • Power Supply: 2.7 ~ 3.6V, default 3.3V,current > 200mA
  • Interface: SPI
  • Programmable Bit Rate: Up to 300kbps