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Mikroe produces a wide range od development tools, compilers and books for various microcontroller families.

Whether you are an experienced engineer, student, beginner or enthusiast, you can find all the necessary tools for your project to stand out. Getting the results faster but uncompromising the quality of the work for one bit, or taking unnecessary risks in development of projects is Mikroe's one priority.

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g2c-click-thickbox_default-2_600x600.jpg Go to Cloud (G2C) Click
€16.82 *
lora-4-click-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg LoRa 4 click
€46.02 *
air-quality-3-click-thickbox_default-2_600x600.jpg Air quality 3 click
€30.00 *
flip-n-click-sam3x-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg Flip&Click SAM3X
€43.37 *
pi-3-click-shield-thickbox_default-2_600x600.jpg Pi 3 Click shield
€10.62 *
shuttle-click-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg Shuttle click
€7.08 *
tft-board-7-capacitive-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg TFT Board 7 Capacitive
€106.20 *
mikrobus-shuttle-thickbox_default-2_600x600.jpg mikroBUS Shuttle
€7.08 *
codegrip-front_600x600.jpg CODEGRIP for ARM
€180.06 *
4rd-row-full-board-stm32-lg_600x600.jpg Fusion for STM32
€264.63 *
ble-2-click-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg BLE2 click
€26.55 *
rfid-click-thickbox_default-2_600x600.jpg RFid click
€25.67 *
gnss-5-click-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg GNSS 5 click
€36.29 *
tft-board-3-capacitive-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg TFT Board 3 Capacitive
€61.95 *
tft-board-4-capacitive-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg TFT Board 4 Capacitive
€75.23 *
tft-board-5-capacitive-thickbox_default-1_600x600.jpg TFT Board 5 Capacitive
€88.50 *
4G_LTE_Click.png 4G LTE-E click (Europe)
€101.78 *
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Click boards™ - A new idea is just a click away

Adding a new functionality to your design was never so easy. Sensors? Displays? Wireless transceivers? Motor control? Connection ports? Encoders? Or how about speech recognition, thunder detection, fingerprint scanning? Pick from Mikroe's sortiment of Click boards™ - plug one into the mikroBUS™ socket, and it’s ready to work right away.