EZO RTD Temperature Circuit

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PT100 and PT1000 temperature probes are used in many different applications and are... more

PT100 and PT1000 temperature probes are used in many different applications and are considered the standard temperature probe for industrial process systems. They offer low cost temperature sensing over a wide temperature range. The fast response time and precise readings makes PT100 or PT1000 temperature probes a great fit for any embedded application. Unfortunately,they cannot be easily connected to a microcontroller. The EZO RTD Temperature Circuit has been designed to offer a simple solution to bridge the gap between microcontroller and temperature probe.


  • Reads:
    • Extreme sensing range from -126.000 °C to 1254 °C
    • Accurate temperature readings down to the thousandths place
    • Accuracy ±(0.10˚C + 0.0017* T) †
    • Automatically detects if probe is PT100 or PT1000
    • Temperature output in Celsius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit
    • On-board data logger storing up to 50 individual temperature readings
    • Optional single point calibration
    • Single reading or continuous reading modes
    • Data format is ASCII
  • Two data protocols:
    • UART asynchronous serial connectivity
    • (RX/TX voltage swing 0-VCC)
    • I²C (default I²C address 0x66)
    • Compatible with any microprocessor that supports UART, or I2c protocol
    • Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5V
    • Reads temperature from any off-the-shelf PT100 or PT1000 temperature prob†e

† When connected to a AA class RTD temperature probe


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