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ADC Differential Pi

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The ADC Differential Pi is an 8 channel 18 bit analogue to digital converter designed to work... more

The ADC Differential Pi is an 8 channel 18 bit analogue to digital converter designed to work with the Raspberry Pi. The ADC Differential Pi is based on two Microchip MCP3424 A/D converters each containing 4 analogue inputs.  The MCP3424 is a delta-sigma A/D converter with low noise differential inputs.

Unlike the ADC Pi Plus the ADC Differential Pi does not include any voltage dividers so the inputs can be used to measure a differential voltage range of ±2.048V.  This is useful for measuring inputs below ±2.048V or allows you to use your own voltage divider to measure higher voltages.

The ADC Differential Pi is powered through the host Raspberry Pi using the GPIO port and extended pins on the GPIO connector allow you to stack the ADC Differential Pi along with other expansion boards.



  • 8 x 18-bit differential inputs 
  • Control via the Raspberry Pi I2C port
  • Stack up to 4 ADC Differential Pi boards on a single Raspberry Pi
  • Jumper selectable I2C addresses
  • Buffered 5V I2C port
  • Based on the MCP3424 from Microchip Technologies Inc
  • Input range of ±2.048V
  • On-board 2.048V reference voltage (Accuracy  ± 0.05%, Drift: 15 ppm/°C)
  • On-Board Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA): Gains of 1, 2, 4 or 8
  • Programmable Data Rate Options:

                3.75 SPS (18 bits)
                15 SPS (16 bits)
                60 SPS (14 bits)
                240 SPS (12 bits)

  • One-Shot or Continuous Conversion Options



  • Vdd (5V pin on I2C bus): 5.0V
  • ADC Input Voltage: -2.048V to + 2.048V
  • Maximum ADC Input voltage: VSS–0.4V to VDD+0.4 V
  • Current at Input Pins: ±2 mA
  • I2C SDA/SCL voltage: 5.0 V
  • I2C port current: 100 mA
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