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Grove - Intelligentes Pflanzenpflege-Kit

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To keep the indoor plants alive and robust is not an easy task. Plants are like people, they... more

To keep the indoor plants alive and robust is not an easy task. Plants are like people, they need nutritious soil, right temperature, adequate sunshine and water for the healthy growth.

Many electronics beginners who are getting started with Arduino and love planting would start their first project of making a plant growing system.

Here we provide one-stop solution to build up your own plant care system.

Part List

  • Grove - Base Shield The expansion board to connect Groves with your Arduino
  • Grove ? Temp & Humi Sensor To detect the temperature and humidity
  • Grove ? Moisture Sensor To detect the soil moisture
  • Grove ? Sunlight Sensor To detect illumination intensity
  • Grove ? OLED Display 1.12" To display parameters
  • Grove - Encoder To adjust knob
  • Grove - Button To adjust parameters
  • Grove - Relay To control water pump
  • Grove ? Water Flow Sensor To detect the speed and volume of water flow
  • 12V Water Pump To pump the water

Key Features

  • Plug and play. No soldering. No breadboard.
  • The functional kit can detect the temperature, soil moisture, and sunlight intensity as well as automatically water the plant
  • Getting started quickly with the step by step tutorial, check our Recipe to learn more
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