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4G LTE-E click (Europe)

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  • Mikroe
  • EXP-R76-009
  • MIKROE-2527
  • 0.031
4G LTE click is an LTE Cat 1 / 2G multimode cellular network solution, featuring the compact... more

4G LTE click is an LTE Cat 1 / 2G multimode cellular network solution, featuring the compact LARA-R2 series modem from u-blox. This module supports up to three LTE bands and GSM bands. It also features a full range of options for the high speed cellular networking and communication, such as the network indication, full embedded TCP/UDP stack, HTTP and HTTPS transfer protocols, IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack support, secondary antenna for the RX diversity, antenna detection, jamming signal detection, embedded TLS 1.2 protocol for the improved security and more. 4G LARA click can achieve data rates up to 10.3 Mbps/5.2 Mbps (downlink/uplink).


  • Type: GSM/LTE
  • Applications: Medium to high speed M2M applications, such as smart energy gateways, remote access video cameras, digital signage, telehealth, telematics, and similar applications which can benefit from cellular network access
  • On-board modules: LARA-R211 cellular module from u-blox
  • Radio Region: Europe
  • Key Features: Data rates of up to 10.3 Mb/s for download and up to 5.2 Mb/s for upload, micro SIM card socket, dual SMA antenna connectors, micro USB connector, network detection, jamming detection, integrated data transfer protocols...
  • Interface: UART,USB
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS
  • Click board size: L (57.15 x 25.4 mm)
  • Input Voltage: 5V,3.3V
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