MIFARE® Classic 1K RFID Tag (13.56MHz)

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  MIFARE ®   Classic 1K RFID Tag (13.56MHz) is widely used in... more
MIFARE® Classic 1K RFID Tag (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identification as well as other systems where a small and easy to carry tag is desired.
The tag can be read by almost any 13.56MHz RFID/NFC reader that can handle Mifare cards. It can be used with 13.56MHz RFID Reader and NFC/RFID Shield.
The similar product is MIFARE® Classic 1K RFID Card (13.56MHz).
Application Ideas:
  • Access Control System
  • Identification
  • Object Tracking
  • Operating Frequency:13.56 MHz
  • Physical Size:3.5cm*2.8cm
  • Thicness:6.mm
  • Baud:106 kbs
  • Storage Temperature: -30º C to +75º C
  • EEPROM storage: 1K Byte
  • Variable Identification distance:0