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Teensy 3.x Feather Adapter

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  • Adafruit
  • EXP-R15-1075
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This Feather adapter rearranges the pins of a Teensy 3.x to give you the same shape and pinout... more

This Feather adapter rearranges the pins of a Teensy 3.x to give you the same shape and pinout for our Feathers. We've tested our FeatherWings so far and all are drop-in compatible. It's a great way to take advantage of the Feather ecosystem. Give your Teensy a stepper/DC motor driverGPSLED matrix or OLED add-on with ease. With the space left over, we even added in a 500mA LiPoly charger that automatically charges over USB and will switch over to the LiPo when USB is unplugged. There's also a 100K resistor divider for monitoring the battery voltage connected to A7

Comes with one assembled adapter, shorty headers for attaching your Teensy 3, and both standard and stacking headers so you can use your Teensy in a breadboard and even plug a shield on top. Some soldering is required!

Note: this board may accidentally connects the Teensy's RTC VBAT pin to the Lipoly Battery, which may overdrive that pin - to resolve simply do not solder in the Teensy's VBAT pin when assembling!

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 50.8mm x 22.8mm x 7.3mm
  • Product Weight: 4.3g

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