Papilio Arcade MegaWing

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The Arcade MegaWing is an opensource add-on for the Papilio FPGA development platform that... more

The Arcade MegaWing is an opensource add-on for the Papilio FPGA development platform that gives you all the hardware you'll need to play and create great retro video games. Like any other MegaWing, this Arcade add-on can easily slide into your Papilio Pro and allow you to start developing! The Arcade MegaWingis a great addition to your Papilio Pro and an inexpensive way to help you learn more about FPGA.

MegaWings are FPGA add-ons that plug straight into a Papilio Pro board and provide everything needed for a specific application in one convenient PCB. Since this is a Arcade MegaWing it won't work on it's own so make sure you have, or pick up a Papilio Pro, if you want to enjoy playing some awesome retro games.

The Arcade MegaWing comes equipped with a VGA video port with 4096 colors for video output, stereo audio sigma delta DAC for sound, four directional buttons for menu navigation, two joystick inputs (Atari 2600, Commodore 64, or Classic Arcade) for in game control, and two PS/2 ports that can be used to connect a keyboard or mouse. With the Arcade MegaWing you will have a fun and economic way to play plenty of great games, all from you Papilio Pro FPGA!

  • VGA Port - DB15 Female VGA connector capable of generating 4096 colors.
  • Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Stereo jack with low pass filter is ready for CD quality Delta-Sigma audio output.
  • Joystick Ports - Two DB9 Male joystick ports accept Atari, Commodore, and classic arcade joysticks.
  • PS/2 Ports - Two PS/2 ports accept a keyboard and mouse.
  • 4 Way Buttons - 4 buttons in a plus configuration for user input.
  • 4 LED's - 4 LED's for user feedback.
  • Reset Button - A single reset button.