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Soil Moisture Sensor I2C PLAIN

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  • Catnip Electronics
  • EXP-R79-001
  • R79001
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This is a "sensor mode only" version of plant watering alarm Chirp. The sensor can be read via... more

This is a "sensor mode only" version of plant watering alarm Chirp.

The sensor can be read via I2C protocol and provides these features:

  • Soil moisture sensing
  • Light sensing
  • Temperature sensing
  • Reset chip
  • I2C address change
  • Deep sleep

Technical data:

  • Version 2.7.5
  • Supply voltage 3.3V - 5V
  • Current consumption: 1.1mA @ 5V, 0.7mA @ 3.3V when idle, 14mA @ 5V, 7.8mA @ 3.3V when taking a measurement. When constantly polling sensor at full speed, current consumption averages to 4.5mA @ 5V, 2.8mA @ 3.3V
  • Operating temperature 0°C - 85°C
  • Moisture reading drift with temperature - <10% over full temp range
  • Don't forget to provide pullups for SCL and SDA lines
  • Default I2C address is 0x20 (hex)
  • To read soil moisture, read 2 bytes from register 0
  • To read light level, start measurement by writing 3 to the device I2C address, wait for 3 seconds, read 2 bytes from register 4
  • To read temperature, read 2 bytes from register 5
  • To change the I2C address of the sensor, write a new address (one byte [1..127]) to register 1; the new address will take effect after reset
  • To reset the sensor, write 6 to the device I2C address.
  • Do not hotplug the sensor into the active I2C bus - address change command has no protection and this might result in a random number set as an address of the sensor. Use I2C scan sketch to find out the address if the sensor stops responding with proper values.