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GPS Receiver - GP-735 (56 Channel)


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The GP-735 is a slim, ultra-high performance, easy to use GPS smart antenna receiver. With -162dBm tracking sensitivity and only 29 second cold start time, the GP735 is a tiny, yet powerful, piece of tech. The slim design makes it ideal for applications where you don’t have a lot of space to work in. Really it’s quite small. This 56-channel GPS module, based on the uBlox 7th generation chipset, has an operating voltage of 3.3~5.5V, an antenna on board, and connects to your system via TTL serial. The 1Hz update rate is fast enough for the majority of applications (and can be increased to 10Hz if you need) so whether you’re tracking a pet or building an autonomous car, the GP-735 has you covered!

Note: We are carrying the “T” option of this module which is TTL-UART and not USB.

Note: This receiver works with 6-pin 1mm pitch JST type cables and connectors which you can find in the Recommended Products section below!

Dimensions: 35 x 8 x 6.5 mm


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