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The Musixel Kit (mit EU Steckernetzteil)

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The Musixel adds color to your music. Attach it to your music source (MP3 player, phone,... mehr

The Musixel adds color to your music. Attach it to your music source (MP3 player, phone, computer, stereo etc…) and the Musixel will convert the frequencies that it hears into colors.

There are nine different colorful modes for the LEDs to display. The colors vary by frequency and volume. Some modes display traditional style graphic equalizer bars, some pump all LEDs colorfully at the same time and others display a full rainbow of colors. There is a mode for everyone!

The Musixel works with all types of music. In most modes it converts frequencies into colors where the low notes 63 to 160hz are red, mid notes 1000 to 2500hz are green and high notes 6250 to 16000hz are blues. When the Musixel hears multiple frequencies at the same time it mixes the primary colors into a huge variety of colors. The louder the music, the brighter the LEDs.

Simple to assemble and easy to hook-up. This version of the Musixel requires soldering. It is an easy kit to assemble with only four parts to solder on. Bundled with a 16 LED strip with wires attached, audio cables, audio splitter and AC adapter. You provide the music and headphones or powered speakers.


  • Converts frequencies to colors
  • Converts audio volume to brightness
  • Nine colorful modes
  • Comes with a strip of 16 LEDs
  • Expandable to 64 LEDs (any WS2811, WS2812(B) or Neopixels will work)
  • Includes most common audio wires for hook-up
  • Easy to solder - only four through hole parts

What you get with the bundle:

  • Musixel Board
  • Parts: Audio jack, screw terminal, button and DC power jack
  • LED strip with Sixteen LEDs with wires attached
  • 5v 2.5 amp EU power adapter
  • Audio cable with Male-Male 3.5mm plugs
  • Audio cable splitter with Male-Female-Female plugs

What you also need:

  • Music (MP3 player, computer, radio etc …)
  • Powered speakers or headphones (with a standard 3.5mm plug)

Tools required:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Flush cutters
  • Small flat blade screwdriver


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