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Connecting a flow meter to a bread board can be a bit tricky. Each flow meter comes with a 3 lead ½ meter cable un-tined and without a connector. Making a good connection to your flow meter can be difficult because the leads have a tendency to move around quite a bit and the cable is a bit short.
The RJ-11 flow meter breakout kit enables the flow meter to simply be plugged into the female RJ-11 jack; the header pins on the breakout board line up directly with the header pins on the FLO-30. Making a quick, simple and reliable connection from your FLO-30 to your flow meter is seamless with the RJ-11 flow meter breakout kit.
The RJ-11 flow meter breakout board makes connecting your flow meter quick and easy.
  • RJ-11 flow meter breakout board
  • Extended flow meter cable to 1 meter
  • Flow meter cable now ends with an RJ-11 connector
Breadboard 400 (300/100)

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Assembled Pi Cobbler Plus - Breakout Cable - for Pi B+/A+/Pi 2/Pi 3

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Adafruit TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor

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Breadboard 830 (630/200)

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