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13,95 €*
We once had a batch of pH Circuits that were not working correctly. After three days of investigating, we finally determined that the BNC connector we were using were to blame. The material it was made out of was bronze, which has poor conductivity properties and was not able to properly transmit the extremely low signal of the pH Sensor.

Never underestimate the importance of good connectors. It can mean the difference between good scientific data or no data at all.
  • Pre-Assembled Female BNC Connector
  • Center contact: Gold plated Brass
  • Designed for RF applications
  • Right angle
  • 50ohm impedance
  • Designed to be easily connected into a breadboard for rapid development
SparkFun ESP32 Thing

19,50 €*

pH 7.00 Calibration
Atlas Scientific
pH 7.00 Calibration

9,90 €*

BNC Verlängerungskabel 3m
Atlas Scientific
BNC Verlängerungskabel 3m

24,95 €*