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XBee to DIP Adapter with connectors


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The XBee to DIP Adapter is a brakout board that allows the use of the XBee and the XBee PRO wireless modules. This board breaks out all 20 pins of an XBee module to a 0.1” (2,54mm) standard spacing dual row header. The spacing between these two headers is 0,6” (15,24mm) making this adapter DIP friendly; in this way the adapter can be used with common IC sockets, with prototyping boards and also with breadboards.

This specific XBee to DIP Adapter has an important feature that distinguishes it from all the other adapters: in addition to the 10 pin headers, on the bottom of the board, there are 4 pads that could be used to connect a 4 pin connector or simply a wire in order to use the minimal number of signals (VCC, GND, TX, RX) that are necessary to realize a connection in specific application where minimalism is the keyword.

The XBee to DIP Adapter is supplied with all the connectors needed: two special spacing (0,078”- 2mm) connectors for XBee module; two standard spacing (0,1”- 2,54mm) connectors to anchor the adapter to a breadboard; a 90° 4pin connector to use the pads on the bottom of the board. Furthermore two fixing holes semplify a lot the use of this board.

As it is shown in the images below, the 0,078” (2mm) spacing connectors and the XBee module have to be assembled on the side of the board without the silk screen, that is the side identified by the “UP” writing (you can find the inscription in one of the four corners of the board). The silk screen has been printed on the back of the adapter in order to easy identify the 20 signals even if the XBee module is plugged in the board.

  • Dimensions 27.7x25.4mm (pcb only)
  • Weight 2.2g / 0.08oz