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Sparkfun SatUplink Shield DEV-11088


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SPOT is a service that makes adventures off the beaten path a little safer by providing a way to check in, send "I'm ok" messages or call for help via satellite. That's all very useful if you're going out into the wild beyond the reach of cellular and WiFi, but what if your Arduino is going and leaving you behind in civilization? Wouldn't it be nice if it could take advantage of this technology to send you an e-mail or text message from the middle of nowhere?

This shield allows your Arduino to access the awesome satellite communication technology in the SPOT Connect module. Simply dismantle your SPOT Connect device and carefully pull it apart like an Oreo cookie, the remaining headers will mate with the headers on the SatUplink Shield allowing your Arduino to talk to the heavens and broadcast short text messages (41 characters) to and from almost anywhere!

SPOT is a subscription service, so it is going to cost you $99/year to get up and running plus $0.10 per message : not bad for getting your messages to space and back.

This shield does not include the SPOT Connect device, you'll have to furnish that yourself. Checkout the Run SPOT Run tutorial to see how to open up your SPOT Connect and how it works.