Pololu VNH2SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD01B

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This module is a compact breakout board for ST?s high-power VNH2SP30 or VNH3SP30 motor driver... mehr
This module is a compact breakout board for ST?s high-power VNH2SP30 or VNH3SP30 motor driver IC, each of which is a fully integrated H-bridge that can be used for bidirectional speed control of a single brushed DC motor. The basic operation of the driver is summarized below, but we also recommend careful reading of the VNH2SP30 datasheet (283k pdf) or VNH3SP30 datasheet (228k pdf) before using this product. The board incorporates most of the components of the typical application diagram on page 8 of the VNH2SP30 datasheet, including pull-up and current-limiting resistors and a FET for reverse battery protection. It ships fully populated with its SMD components, including the VNH2SP30 or VNHSP30 motor driver IC, as shown in the product picture.

Note: Only the VNH2SP30 and VNH5019 support current sense; the current sense circuit might not be populated on the VNH3SP30 version of the board. For more information on the differences between the motor driver versions, see the comparison table below.
In a typical application, the motor power supply is connected at the bottom of the board, the motor on the right side of the board, and the control connections to the left side of the board. The diagnostic/enable pins are pulled high on the board and can be left disconnected if you do not want to monitor the fault conditions of the motor driver chip. INA and INB control the direction of the motor, and the PWM pin turns the motor outputs on or off, allowing you to control motor speed with a supplied pulse width modulation (PWM) signal. The PWM pin is pulled low on the board, so the motor driver outputs are effectively disabled by default; the INA and INB pins are floating (they are not pulled to any particular default voltage). See the truth tables in the VNH2SP30/VNH3SP30 datasheet for more information on how the INA, INB, and PWM pins affect the driver outputs, OUTA and OUTB.
For the VNH2SP30 version, the current sense (CS) pin will output approximately 0.13 volts per amp of output current. If you want to add current sensing to the VNH3SP30 version, or if you want higher-accuracy current sensing with the VNH2SP30 version, please consider our ±30A ACS714 current sensor carrier.

  • Size: 1.50? × 1.18?
  • Motor driver: VNH2SP30
  • Motor channels: 1
  • Minimum operating voltage: 5.5 V
  • Maximum operating voltage: 16 V
  • Continuous output current per channel: 14 A
  • Peak output current per channel: 30 A
  • Current sense: 0.13 V/A
  • Maximum PWM frequency: 20 kHz
  • Reverse voltage protection?: Y
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