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RFM69HCW Wireless Transceiver - 434MHz


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This is the 434MHz base RFM69HCW Wireless Transceiver that is found on our RFM69 Breakout. The RFM69HCW is an inexpensive and versatile radio module that operates in the unlicensed ISM (Industry, Science and Medicine) band, a set of frequencies set aside for low-power, short-range, license-free radios. It’s perfect for building inexpensive short-range wireless networks of sensors and actuators for home automation, citizen science and more.

This RFM69HCW module operates on the 434MHz frequency and is capable of transmitting at up to 100mW and up to 300kbps, but you can change both of those values to fit your application. For example, you can maximize range by increasing the transmit power and reducing the data rate, or you can reduce both for short-range sensor networks that sip battery power. At full power and with simple wire antennas, we can get messages from one side of a large office building to the other through numerous internal walls. In open air you can reach 500 meters or more. With more complex antennas and modulation schemes, similar parts have successfully transmitted from space to the ground (by very smart amateur radio enthusiasts; your mileage may vary)!

The RFM69HCW uses an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to communicate with a host microcontroller, and several good Arduino libraries are available. It supports up to 256 networks of 255 nodes per network, features AES encryption to keep your data private, and transmits data packets up to 66 bytes long.


  • +20 dBm - 100 mW Power Output Capability
  • High Sensitivity: down to -120 dBm at 1.2 kbps
  • High Selectivity: 16-tap FIR Channel Filter
  • Bullet-proof front end: IIP3 = -18 dBm, IIP2 = +35 dBm,80 dB Blocking Immunity, no Image Frequency response
  • Low current: Rx = 16 mA, 100nA register retention
  • Programmable Pout: -18 to +20 dBm in 1dB steps
  • Constant RF performance over voltage range of module
  • FSK Bit rates up to 300 kb/s
  • Fully integrated synthesizer with a resolution of 61 Hz
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK and OOK modulations
  • Built-in Bit Synchronizer performing Clock Recovery
  • Incoming Sync Word Recognition
  • 115 dB+ Dynamic Range RSSI
  • Automatic RF Sense with ultra-fast AFC
  • Packet engine with CRC-16, AES-128, 66-byte FIFO
  • Built-in temperature sensor


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