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Microbot Easy Motor Controller

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The Easy Motor Controller allows to control the speed and the direction of rotation of a DC... mehr

The Easy Motor Controller allows to control the speed and the direction of rotation of a DC motor through three different possible inputs: analog (potentiometer), radio control RC, I2C digital communication.

Its use is very simple and you do not have to do anything, the type of input used is detected automatically when the board is powered.

To optimize the response to RC commands you also have the calibration function on the receiver signals.

The Easy Motor Controller provides two separate power supplies, one for the motor and the other one for the logic part; the latter can be pulled out through a jumper directly from that of the motor or alternatively from the BEC circuit of the RC receiver.

For the I2C communication, there are two different slave addresses selectable through a jumper, and in this way it is possible to use two Easy Motor Controllers on the same serial line, and then control them by using a single external controller.

The possibility of using two limit microswitches that will act as a protection, interrupting the movement of the motor in the two possible directions when the pressure of the microswitch is detected, completes the functions on the board.

To fix the board there are 4 holes of 3.2 mm with a distance of 28mm from each other.

  • Supply voltage: 7 - 30V
  • Supply current (logic): 12mA typ.
  • Output current: 2A (6A peak)
  • I/O logic level: TTL standard
  • Dimensions: 33x33mm
  • Weight: 0.31oz / 8.7g
  • Temperature range: 0 - 85°C

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