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The Minuino is an Arduino clone. Our objective with the Minuino was to make a minimal part, cost, and sized Arduino clone. The Minuino works with standard Arduino shields.

The Minuino was first introduced at the Open Hardware Summit in New York in September 2011. As sponsors of the summit, the Minuino was our contribution to the Open Hardware Summit "goodie bag" (a bag of free stuff given to all the attendees at the summit).

  • Comes with the ATmega328 pre-loaded with bootloader
  • Extra thick and cool PCB at 0.093" (2.4mm) thick
  • Same pin spacing as standard Arduino
  • Works with Shields designed for the Arduino
  • Works with the ATmega168 or ATmega328
  • On-board ICSP connector
  • Pin-out for optional FTDI USB to Serial cable
  • Works with the Arduino software without any modification to load your sketches
  • Power LED
The Minuino is programmed using the regular Arduino software. Your sketches can easily be loaded using the FTDI USB to Serial cable (not included), see the web page for more techniques.