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Seeed Studio

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This kit is a full package of lots frequently required functional modules for someone who intends to do some real project or make a prototype. It contains sensors(mainly), switching-function modules, servo motors, LED strip and a speaker. The most amazing part of this kit is the Wio Link development board which can be utilized for various devices: without a bit programming skill required. All the actions you want your modules performed and the flashing-code operation to Wio Link could be completed with taps in a mobile app. And you can send instructions to your devices over the internet at anywhere. Wio Link will be a perfect utility to make things around smarter for everyone. Now let us do something real!


  • Full package of all general required functional modules
  • Grove port interfaced, more practical function and less work
  • Completely easy to make things around you smarter and add fun to daily life
  • Cost-effective

Parts list:

  • 1x Grove - Button
  • 1x Grove - Relay
  • 1x Grove - Moisture Sensor
  • 1x Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor
  • 1x Grove - Digital Light Sensor
  • 1x Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 1x Grove - Protoshield
  • 1x Grove - Magnetic Switch
  • 1x Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)
  • 1x Grove - IR Distance Interrupt
  • 1x Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP180)
  • 1x Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3
  • 1x Grove - Gesture
  • 1x Grove - I2C Hub
  • 1x Grove - Speaker
  • 1x Grove - WS2812 Waterproof LED Strip - 30 LEDs 1 meter
  • 1x Micro USB Cable - 48cm
  • 1x Grove - Servo