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Prototino ATMega328 - Kit

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The Prototino™ is an Arduino clone with a built in prototyping area.   Designed to make... mehr
The Prototino™ is an Arduino clone with a built in prototyping area.
Designed to make a permanent version of your project once you have perfected it on a breadboard, less the expense of embedding and dedicating your original Arduino. Because the prototyping area is integrated with the microprocessor on one board, your project will have fewer boards and wires and be more reliable and robust.
  • Comes with the ATmega328 pre-loaded with bootloader
  • Works with the ATmega168 or ATmega328
  • Large breadboard like prototyping area to make the transition from breadboard to Prototino™ easy
  • On-board 5 volt voltage regulator rated up to 1 amp
  • On-board ICSP connector
  • Pin-out for optional FTDI USB to Serial cable
  • Works with the Arduino software without any modification to load your sketches
  • Power LED
  • All digital and analog pins are brought out to the prototyping area in a straight line
  • Entire Prototino board fits inside an Altoids tin
  • Four corner 3mm mounting holes, to secure your project
The Prototino™ is programmed using the regular Arduino software. Your sketches can easily be loaded using the FTDI USB to Serial cable (not included), see the web page for more techniques.
Find lots more info at the Prototino™ web page.
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