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Konashi - Computing Toolkit With BLE For iOS

Seeed Studio

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Konashi is a microcontroller board with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module. It is a physical computing toolkit for artists, designers and engineers who are imagining a next-generation human interface for iOS devices and tablets.
It has 8 digital input/output pins (2 of which can be used for I2C communication. All 8 pins can be used as PWM outputs.), 3analog input/output pins, and 1 UART. It contains everything needed for physical computing; simply connect it to smartphones and tablets with BLE wireless connection to get started.

Konashi is a traditional Japanese sweet which makers learn to make.

We chose the name for all electronics hobbyists who want to take their first step into physical computing.


Programming languages

  • Objective-C supported
  • SDK (Konashi-ios-sdk) is provided as an open source library.
  • Javascript supported/
  • SDK (konashi-js-sdk, konashi-bridge.js) are provided as open source libraries.
  • For easier use, konashi.js is available in APP Store (see http://konashi/

Supports Apple iOS devices (see below Supported devices)

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Built-in wireless module with Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Connect konashi with your smartphone or tablet wirelessly

Reconfigurable I/O pins

  • I/O pins and its functions is reconfigurable by application

Supported devices

Series Name Model OS
iPhone iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S iOS6.0 ( iOS7.0.4 recommended )
iPad mini (1st generation / November 2012 model)
iPad mini (2nd generation / November 2013 model)
iPad (4th Generation / November 2012 Model),
iPad (3rd Generation / March 2012 Model)
iPad Air
iOS6.0 ( iOS7.0.4 recommended )
iPod touch iPod touch (5th Generation) iOS6.0 ( iOS7.0.4 recommended )


Electric characteristics

Absolute maximum rating:

Ratings Min Typ Max Unit
Temperature range -30.0 - 85.0
External main supply voltage (*1) 3.2 - 12.0 V
Internal main supply voltage (*2) 1.8 - 3.6 V
Input voltage 1.2 - 3.6 V

A battery terminal and USB-microB connector are called External main supply. It has a backflow prevention function and swithes a main supply into higher voltage source automatically.
Supply voltage from lithium-ion coin cell battery.

Analog input voltage:

Ratings Min Typ Max Unit
Input voltage 0 - 1.3 V



  • 1 x konashi
  • 1 x Lithium-ion coin cell battery: CR2032 model