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Microbot Analoger Reflektionssensor


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This reflectance sensor carries an infrared LED and phototransistor pair. The phototransistor is connected to a pull-up resistor to form a voltage divider that produces an analog voltage output between 0V and +5V as a function of the reflected IR. Lower output voltage is an indication of greater reflection.

The LED current-limiting resistor is set to deliver approximately 20mA. The current requirement can be met by some microcontroller I/O lines, allowing the sensor to be powered up and down through an I/O line to conserve power.

Because of its small size, multiple units can easily be arranged to fit various applications such as line following robots and proximity/edge detection

Adafruit VCNL4010 Entfernungs- und Lichtsensor

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Induktives Ladegerät (Bausatz) - 3.3V @ 500 mA

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3.3V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator w/ Fixed 3V Low-Voltage Cutoff S9V11F3S5C3

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Adafruit MiniBoost 5V  @100mA Charge Pump - AP3602A

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