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RF Explorer Rubber Duck UHF 400-900MHz SMA Articulated Antenna

RF Explorer
RF Explorer

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The RF Explorer UHF antenna is a high performance, robust rubber duck model for 400-900MHz range. It is ideal choice for Pro Audio and Video professionals.

It covers all TV and Digital TV Broadcast (DTVB) and the range used for all UHF Wireless Microphones from major brands.

This antenna is recommended for RF Explorer models WSUB1G, ISM Combo, 3G Combo and 6G Combo for best reception and sensitivity in UHF range.


  • RF Explorer Custom produced antenna for best sensitivity in UHF range
  • Ideal choice for Pro Audio and TV reception, up to 20dB better S/N ratio than stock antenna Robust, low weight, rubber duck type
SMA to uFL/u.FL/IPX/IPEX RF Adapter Cable

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uFL SMT Antennenstecker (Connector)

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EVA Tasche für den RF Explorer

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Edge-Launch SMA Connector for 1.6mm Thick PCBs

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