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RF Explorer SMA Push-ON Male/Female adapter

RF Explorer
RF Explorer

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The RF Explorer SMA Push-ON Male/Female adapter is great for repetitive connections to the SMA port. Normal threaded SMA ports are useful for permanent connection but this Push-ON adapter makes it very easy to plug-unplug a cable or device with just a slide gesture, no need to screw or thread the SMA connector.

Typically used for testing or momentary antenna measurements, these Push-ON adaptors are hard to find at this quality and price in low quantities.

The Push-ON adaptor is the same quality part included in the RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit. We benefit from our volume orders and therefore can pass this save cost to you.


  • Quality golden Push-ON connector on the Male side, normal threaded Female side.
  • Convenient for quick connections with a gesture
  • Easy to use for repetitive measurement

Technical Details

Dimensions 170mm x 90mm x 90mm
Weight G.W 4.5g    
Battery Exclude
Impedance 50ohm
Connector Push-ON SMA Male, standard Female
Insulating Material Teflon
Contact material Gold (>3 micro inches)
Body material Brass/Beryllium Copper/Nickel
Bandwidth 6Ghz
VSWR <1.5
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