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This is an Chasing EL Wire Adapter Cable, a simple connector that splits up the four wires in a Chasing EL wire allowing them to be individually powered or controlled. On one side of this cable is a 4-pin JST SMP connector that can be attached to a chasing EL wire, while on the other side are three 2-pin JST PHR-2 connectors which are used in more standard EL applications.

Two of the JST PHR-2 connectors are only equipped with one wire and one unused pin while the last connector has two wires (this extra wire supports common ground). With this adapter cable you will be able to use your Chasing EL Wires with our EL Sequencer and EL Escudo Dos products!

Dimensions: 155mm (6") L

EL Umrichter - 3v (Chasing)

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Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Ribbon Cable - 4 Wires 1 Meter Long - 30 AWG Black

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4-AA Battery Holder, Back-to-Back

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High Brightness Blue Electroluminescent (EL) Wire - 2.5 meters - High brightness, long life

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