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SP209 9 Channel 200 MSPS Logic Analyzer


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SP209 series logic analyzers and protocol decoders offer in depth analysis of logic signals and protocols with 200MHz (5ns) timing resolution. 9-channel operation allows 8-bit parallel data to be captured along with a clock or strobe signal.

Top-notch features, no compromises:

  • 9 logic channels with adjustable thresholds (1.8V,  2.5V, 3.3V, 5V)
  • State of the art input stage, with Schmitt triggers that eliminate glitches on slow signals
  • 200 MHz sampling rate, with all 9 channels used.
  • External clock option (state mode), up to 50MHz
  • Precise trigger-In and trigger-Out signals on SMA ports
  • Samples compression and streaming via USB.
  • 2Gb DDR-3 memory kicks-in when USB isn't fast enough.
  • Embedded receivers on industrial version: SP209i (RS232, CAN, LIN, RS485).
  • Guaranteed performances on all hosts.

Powerful trigger options:

  • Edge trigger
  • Logic change on one or various channels
  • Trigger on a sequence of timed logic signals
  • Trigger on a protocol word or event (like serial word or I2C address acknowledge)
  • External trigger input
  • Trigger output
  • Dual stage trigger (Ex: Edge trigger, then, Trigger on I2C address).

Typical applications:

  • Embedded systems development and debugging
  • Research and educational
  • Serial protocols analysis, like I2C, SPI, UART or 1-Wire (non exhaustive list)
  • Industrial bus analysis: RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) diagnostic
  • Reverse engineering