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USB Weatherproof Connector - Panel Mount (USB B)


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There are times when you need to subject your electronics to some pretty intense environments. The most challenging part of designing for rough conditions is the problem of how to protect your electrical connections to the outside world. A normal panel mount connector will collect dust and leak water, but luckily, we just picked up these IP68 rated weatherproof USB connectors.
These USB-B type connectors are housed in a molded plastic assembly with O-rings and panel gaskets to keep your panel mount USB connection not only dust proof, but waterproof as well. The front of the assembly is threaded to accept a mating waterproof cable or sealing cap (which can be found in the related products below) that maintains the waterproof seal when there's nothing connected.
Note: The mating cap is sold separately. 
  • Standard USB-B Type at Front
  • PCB Contacts at Rear (0.1" spaced)
  • IP68 Rated: Completely Dust-Tight and Water-Tight
  • Mates with Sealing Cap (sold separately)
  • Panel Mount in 36mm Diameter Hole
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