ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier -50A to +50A

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  • Pololu
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This current sensor is a carrier board or breakout board for Allegro?s ACS724 Hall effect-based... mehr

This current sensor is a carrier board or breakout board for Allegro?s ACS724 Hall effect-based linear current sensors.


  • Differential Hall sensing rejects common-mode fields, the orientation of the sensor relative to the Earth?s magnetic field does not affect the measurement
  • The conductive path internal resistance is typically 1.2 m?, and the PCB is made with 2-oz copper, so very little power is lost in the board.
  • Use of a Hall effect sensor means the IC is able to electrically isolate the current path from the sensor?s electronics (up to 2.4 kV RMS), which allows the sensor to be inserted anywhere along the current path and to be used in applications that require electrical isolation.
  • High 120 kHz bandwidth for faster response times in control applications.
  • Filter pin allows user to filter the output for improved resolution at lower bandwidth.
  • Integrated digital temperature compensation circuitry allows for near closed loop accuracy over temperature in an open loop sensor.
  • Automotive-grade operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C.

This carrier features the ACS724LLCTR-50AB-T, which operates at 5 V and is designed for bidirectional input current from -50 A to +50 A. When Vcc is 5 V, the output voltage is centered at 2.5 V and changes by 40 mV per amp of input current, with positive current increasing the output voltage and negative current decreasing the output voltage.

This board ships assembled with all surface mount components, and a 3×1 strip of 0.1? header pins is included but not soldered in.

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