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3-Pin Female JST ZH-Style Cable (30cm) for Sharp GP2Y0A51 Distance Sensors


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This 12-inch (30-cm) cable has 28 AWG wires and a 3-pin female JST ZH-style connector that mates with the 3-pin connector on Sharp GP2Y0A51 analog distance sensors. The other ends of the wires are unterminated; they can be cut to length to match your application. The wire color scheme matches the Sharp distance sensor pinout: red for power, black for ground, and white for signal. The connector pins have a 1.5 mm pitch.

You can use our male or female crimp pins and a 0.1″ 3×1 crimp connector housing to make a connector for the unterminated end of the cable that is compatible with standard solderless breadboards, perfboards, and 0.1″ male and female headers commonly found on programmable microcontroller boards like Arduinos and A-Stars.

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