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Saleae Logic 8 - USB Logic Analyzer (Red)

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  • Saleae
  • EXP-R69-004
  • SAL-00112
  • US
  • 90303900
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The Saleae Logic 8 USB Logic Analyzer is an 8 channel logic analyzer with each input dual... more

The Saleae Logic 8 USB Logic Analyzer is an 8 channel logic analyzer with each input dual purposed for analog data recording. The device connects to a PC over USB and uses the Saleae Logic Software to record and view digital and analog signals.

A logic analyzer is a debugging tool used to record and view digital signals. It operates by sampling a digital input connected to a device under test (DUT) at a high sample rate. These samples are recorded to a sample buffer, and at the end of the capture, the buffer is displayed in the software for review.

Logic analyzers are great for debugging embedded applications. In the most common case, a developer working on firmware for a microcontroller will write code to communicate with another component, possibly using protocols like serial, I2C, or SPI. To verify the functionality or to diagnose errors in the firmware, a logic analyzer is connected to the digital IO used for communication and records the activity during testing. The recording is then shown on the display so the user can view the actual behavior of the firmware, and compare that with the expected behavior to narrow down and identity the source of the issue – or verify that the operation is correct.

Included Components:

  • Saleae Logic 8 USB Logic Analyzer
  • 2x 4 Channel Wire Harnesses
  • 16 Micro-Gripper Hooks
  • Saleae Carrying Case
  • USB micro cable
  • Getting Started Guide


  • Powerful, Easy-to-use Software
  • Deep Sample Buffers
  • Highly Portable, USB Attached
  • 24 Included Protocol Analyzers
  • Automation API
  • Custom Protocol Decoder Plugin API
  • Edge and Pulse Width Triggering
  • Protocol Result Filter and Search
  • Measurements, Bookmarks and Timing Markers
  • Four Data Export Formats: CSV, Binary, VCD and MATLAB
  • Cross Platform Windows, Linux, and OSX


  • Firmware Debugging
  • FPGA Debugging
  • Functional Verification
  • Performance Profiling
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Protocol Decoding
  • Data Logging

Key Specifications:

  • Eight Digital Channels
  • 100 MSPS Digital Sampling (max)
  • 25 MHz Max Digital Bandwidth
  • Eight Analog Channels
  • 10 MSPS Analog Sampling (max)
  • 1 MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • Recording Length Limited by Available RAM and Density of Recorded Data
  • RGB LED, Customizable 24 bit Color