ORP3000 Research Grade ORP Electrode

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  • Sensorex
  • EXP-R37-032
  • ORP3000
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In harsh laboratory or field conditions, where heat, moisture, or corrosive chemicals may damage... more

In harsh laboratory or field conditions, where heat, moisture, or corrosive chemicals may damage equipment, ORP electrode durability is key. The ORP3000 is durable, research grade ORP electrode. All the functional components – the ORP measurement surface, the meter connection, and the cable connection – are reinforced with protective elements. Durable Ultem® body construction provides extensive chemical compatibility and withstands temperatures up to 100°C. 


  • Virtually unbreakable: removable guard protects ORP measurement surface and strain relief prevents damage to cable connection 
  • Ideal for difficult sample types: Double junction reference protection for testing samples containing heavy metals, TRIS buffer, and other contaminants 
  • No maintenance required: Sealed gel reference design does not require users to refill solution 
  • Extensive chemical compatibility: Constructed with durable Ultem®, proven in a range of chemical conditions 
  • Ready for wet or corrosive environments: BNC boot protects meter connection


  • Diameter: 12mm 
  • Length: 150mm 
  • Reference: Sealed 
  • Junction Number: Double (2) 
  • Junction Material: HDPE and Pellon 
  • Reference Solution: 3.5 M KCl/AgCl/KNO3 (gel) 
  • Stem: Extended Rod 
  • Body Construction: Ultem 
  • Temperature Range: 0-100° 
  • Strain Relief: Yes 
  • BNC Boot: Yes 
  • Protection: Removable Guard 
  • Range of Measurement: ± 2000mV (or range of ORP meter) 
  • Temperature Max: 80°C 
  • Pressure Max: 3.4bar
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